Red River Consulting’s Articles on Cybersecurity

Understanding Security Surveillance Cameras

June 30, 2022

In the market for a security surveillance camera system and don’t know where to start?  Confused about what constitutes a wired camera versus a wireless camera? Red River Consulting recently provided consultant support on such a project with a condominium…

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motherboard pcv board

Reducing Cybersecurity Risks for Non-Profit Organizations

October 15, 2021

Maintain inventory of devices and software applications for every employee Require the use of password management systems, strong passwords, and change passwords every 90 days Move all data to cloud storage, such as Dropbox Use of VPNs when using public…

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Background Checks and the Fair Credit Reporting Act

March 3, 2021

Do you conduct background checks on your prospective employees before you make a decision on whether to hire them?  If you do, then I urge you to read this blog post carefully to ensure that you are in compliance with…

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Finding Criminal Statistics for Your State and County

February 17, 2021

Have you ever wondered what the crime statistics are for the state and county where you live? Want to know what time of day or night most home break-ins occur where you live? The answers to these questions are available,…

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Have You Looked At Your Wireless Router?

February 9, 2021

Do you have a wireless router in your home or business? If you do, you need to read this post for more information on the steps to protect your wireless security. Wireless routers usually get installed by yourself or technicians…

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